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VenaSeal™ is one of the latest, state-of-the-art non-surgical treatments for varicose veins carried out by triple-board-certified specialists who have carried out 100s of vein procedures for patients in New York.

VenaSeal uses an FDA-approved medical adhesive to close damaged veins. Patients go back to work the next day. It’s the only varicose vein procedure that does not require compression stockings to be worn after.

What happens during VenaSeal: A Vascular specialist will evaluate the leg vessels to be treated. Click here to read more about our team of doctors.

Once the entry site is chosen, a local anesthetic is applied to the area. Then a very small puncture is made in the skin, and the VenaSeal™ device is inserted. The adhesive is then delivered along the entire length of the targeted vein, to guarantee complete closure. Most VenaSeal™ procedures take just 30 minutes and patients can resume their normal activities the next day.

Why Choose Venaseal for Varicose Veins?

  • FDA-approved
  • 30-minute procedure
  • No downtime
  • No need to wear compression stockings
  • Minimal discomfort

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VenaSeal™?

VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure in which a catheter is placed into the vein and a medical adhesive is injected to seal off the damaged vein.

How is the VenaSeal procedure performed?

During VenaSeal, anesthesia is applied to numb the area of the procedure site. A small incision is made on the leg and a small catheter is then inserted into the varicose vein that has venous insufficiency. Using a medical adhesive solution, the vein is sealed off. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time.

What are the expected results for VenaSeal?

Patients typically have significant improvement with their treatment. Since this is such a unique procedure, if a patient has multiple veins that need to be treated there’s the ability to treat more than one vein in the same leg safely and with minimal patient discomfort.

What is the recovery like for VenaSeal?

VenaSeal has a short recovery time. What’s more, compression garments are not needed.

Who can benefit from VenaSeal?

Patients who have symptoms like pain, cramping, swelling, burning, itchy sensation, or heaviness in their legs are good candidates for VenaSeal. In addition, patients who present with visible spider or varicose veins may have underlying vein issues which could be treated with VenaSeal.

Does the VenaSeal procedure hurt? Can I go back to work soon?

There is minimal discomfort with this procedure. An anesthetic is used on the leg of the patient in order to numb the inside of the leg so the patient has no pain. Patients can walk and return to their normal activities within the same day.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

Yes, in many cases, vein procedures like VenaSeal are covered under insurance.

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